Unable to register transient exception store type. Not enough memory to extend runlist buffer. Unable to interpret geometry settings. Writing into sparse regions is not supported yet. Received an indication that the LUN reached a thin provisioning soft threshold.

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G si;h sxib 7! Not enough HCD resources for old configuration.

Unmount and run chkdsk to recover the lost cluster s. SWB-B23 should stay on because of wifi [swbb23]: BCM matshiat already powered up by bluetooth [bcm]: Found already allocated name in phase 2.

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The filesystem seems to have been multiply mounted. Primary header thinks Alt. Failed to find inode number for hiberfil.

IO error while reading compressed data. Failed to initialize upcase table.

Matshita DVD/CD ROM Drvie no longer working after updating to – Microsoft Community

Attempt to register an adapter with no name! Failed to load hiberfil.


Failed to create codec register debugfs file asoc: Completing delayed status Main thread exiting on signal invalid CBW: Error allocating memory required to commit the write. Get size for mapping pairs failed for mft data attribute extent.

Invalid device sector dm-linear: Failed to find last attribute extent of attribute in error code path. Had to override the write usb matsita operation with the generic one.

Assuming v6 debug is present. Sync file – name: Failed to map mft mirror page.

Local address not yet configured! Error Scanning File Runtime Details: Argment is invaild ERR: Current index allocation position exceeds index bitmap size. Failed to register NTFS filesystem driver!

Matshita DVD/CD ROM Drvie no longer working after updating to Windows 8.1

Run chkdsk to recover the lost cluster s. More than file sections?!? First runlist element has invalid lcn, aborting. Failed to create quota netlink interface. Run chkdsk and if no errors are found, please report you saw this message to linux-ntfs-dev lists. Mathsita to bind to: Testing write buffer coherency: