Chong Xin Ai Ni. Xing Fu Mo Tian Lun. Xin Li Yiu Xi. So, any problem detecting the keyboard in your sequencer software might require a closer look. You may be blocked if you misuse this feature!

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Huan Le Jin Xiao. You Qing Shui Yue. Hi I’m having a problem with my new bought Miditech Midistart Keyboard. Does anything there have a flag? Also check and ,idi whether you have any other USB devices connected that might interfere with the proper detection of and communication with the MIDI keyboard.

Wo Mei Na Zhong Ming.

So, any problem detecting the keyboard in your sequencer software might require a closer look. I don’t understand why this didn’t work yesterday. Qian Long Hu Yong.

I can’t get any sound from my MIDI or microphone audio input [but I can from the computer keyboard and the Preferences test tone. I read somewhere can’t remember where that on some computers, the Midistart keyboards reacts as a USB and not xint Midi, I think that is the problem.


Ming Tian Yi Hou. Windows recognizes the new device.

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What do you have selected as your audio source in Preferences? Chong Xin Ai Ni.

Mon Jul 11, Shi Lian Tai Shao. Tiam Qi Hui Bian.

[SOLVED] Getting MIDI keyboard to play [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

Perhaps for future, if you leave you PC running, it might be good practice to reboot your system before knocking yourself out. Hua Xing is really what your keyboard is it’s the chipset and you need the driver for it.

I’ve used the same setup as I’ve successfully used in the past: K Ge Zhi Wang. Hao Xiang Hao Xiang. Yong Yuan Di Yi Tian. Ok, Double click the driver with the yellow?

What you described is perfectly OK behavior. Hei Ye Bu Zai Lai. Piao Piao Piao Piao.

In fact, check your sound applet in the control panel and see if it’s even present in your MIDI devices, if not you definitely need the driver. Ai Zing Duo Yi Tian. Get the driver and then make sure it’s set as the primary MIDI device in your Windows control panel sound applet.


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Can anyone help me? Are you sure you want to report this comment post user as questionable? Ai De Hu Huan. Ultimately, you can check out the website of the keyboard manufacturer and see whether you find any help there: