It does not need a separate driver for the GMA – just download and go! But let me summerize: Maybe it is as you say because it is older software renderer so new games crash, but i wonder if intel would update their driver to make it supported, anyway yes the discussion was intresting and we learned much about compatibility! It was renamed to Mobius to avoid confusion with the current Chell version. As for the symbols, I’m not sure. It was in the inf file mind you, but wasn’t used by the device’s driver settings at all.

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Ok, maybe that’s a little complicated. That should give you a good idea of the difference it makes. Note Windows 64 bit users: WARP will probably lose omdded in frames per second while pure hardware mode should get better frames per second. Hi there Guest, login or register to gain access to all forum features.

Btw feel free to start your own thread for your driver and other related questions.

Add Poll to this thread. Does that make more sense now?


This has been an interesting decussion to say the least EDIT: Thanks for your work again. I tried warp in windows 8. Try Media Player Classic with the K-lite codecs pack for best results.

I may have made a mistake with the Mobile versions of the gma It isn’t as fast as nor does it have Software Vertex Shaders like Chell 1.

Modded Driver’s For iGPU’s

Intel would have known about it and since it’s a better software renderer than the one they provide with the driver, it would make sense that they’d try to use it where it’s present. Mabe will be more usefull on better cpu. Try to change aspect ratio first Try to change refresh rate?

Thank you for all informations EDIT: I will test out some games tomorrow. Since almost all new games support that, they would run without 695 and since it’s 9665 done on the hardware rather than software, it frees up the CPU and gives you a minor boost in speed. Knowing IntelliModder32, that’s very likely. What does these symbols mean?

Windows Registry Editor Version 5. It does give you a slight boost. If it’s vendor and device 27AE then it’s probably my goof.


Also it would be cool if you put AJAX chat in this forum! You may want to do some quality toggling to get the best results.

Modded Driver’s For iGPU’s

As for the symbols, I’m not sure. You’d probably get better results with it now. Fixed yet again – please try again Chell v1. I didnt have this problem and my suggestion is only for trying help and i am not sure if it helps.

Yeah, I noticed it’s still broken. It was in the inf file mind you, but wasn’t used by the device’s driver settings at all. Incidentally, what is your vendor and device ID?

Remember to use DDU before installing. Search Members Calendar Help. This seems to have fixed it, thanks!