Frank July 4, There was no video on internal screen or external monitor. It will never fail again as they are when using oven baking and hot air gun. Just install thermal pads back in place as before. Well, after working for 10 days, it suddenly stopped again yesterday.

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Person July 10, BlueWolf July 19, The first time my fompaq went out it was only a couple of months later before the whole computer stopped grqphics up. Well, my HP dv had the same problem. Jeff Z, The only question I have, I can find a fan with heat sink and a fan without the heat sink.

Spike December 16, Its been problem free to now. You can blow off the heat sink with canned air. I have same problem, but with another brand.

How to disassemble Compaq Presario v – Inside my laptop

Simply no response, computer was totally dead. I have a problem with my V, since cleaning the fan following the disassembly method, the battery is undetected in the laptop. Allow presxrio to show you replacing an Inverter on an HP Pavilion dv series laptop.


Thanks for the guide. Tracey, My screen on my hp dvdx is broken hit with a pillow, and has funny lines all over it How do I change the sceen on my own.

I am fairly tech savvy. Adapter lasts 3 weeks, in the end he has to hold the adapter plug at an angle to make it work, it dies.

Compaq Presario V6500 / V6608AU Graphic (VGA) Driver for Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 (64-bit)

Thanks for sharing your knoweldge btw! Awesome, today i just replaced a keyboard for g6500 customer by following ur steps and it saved me money which i used to giv to other engg for just replacing keybord, thnx a lottt. There was no video on internal screen or external monitor. I have left one screw!

Try doing that without laptop disassembly. It wont get to the desktop screen at all.

Compaq PResario V6500 – Nvidia GeForce 7150M/630M

Hello you dont need to put you laptop into owen just remove your processor and on your laptop if its power on correctley. I verified many times that everything is correctly connected but the problem still remains.


Dose it also do that when you are doing the serius version of this fix? I afraid that the plastic became melt. I know the new soldering material blows but lead based compounds are dangerous to our feeble bodies!

HP Compaq Presario V Specs – CNET

Could this have been done at the factory to prevent normal users from getting to their laptop? Plug it in and turn it on. Anyone doing this fix should be sure to update their BIOS presxrio the latest version because it fixes the fan control issue that causes the overheating in the first place.

It needs an additional light source. Ive used the vacuum cleaner to vacuum out the fan.

Find a box,like a large fed ex box, that will accept the warpped keyboard. Scott Hubs April 1, Dave June 26,