Perhaps it’s much less in the USA. Eventually XES was disbanded and Xerox withdrew from attempting to make its own wide-format inkjet printers. In translation that means that the new model is better in all respects than the older discontinued XES Xpress Plotter , printer , inkjet , technical printer , banner , A0 , engineering printer , wide format printer , 54″ ,. Xerox For more information on Xerox, visit www. In the case of XES, realize the high costs involved in the RIP, the possible lack of wide media selection, and the lack of full photo-realistic quality when viewed up close. Find us on youtube.

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Xerox ColorgrafX X2 Color Inkjet Printer

Todayfor inkjet, Xerox wisely does not attempt to design and build their own printers. Besides, the quality of any HP or ColorSpan of that day was better than any oil-based system. Six-color printing plus colodgrafx tonal inks produce smooth blended output and increase the number of reproducible colors within the standard web offset printing SWOP color gamut.

Our institute has some of these still available when you fill out the Inquiry-Request colorgtafx form. Ideal for commercial reprographics firms and corporate in-house product environments, with requirements for high print quality, quick turnaround, and short-run production solutions.

Most recently updatedNovember 24, Each is in PDF format. Text Jaco-Louis.

Xerox ColorgrafX X2 Color Inkjet Printer

The new ColorgrafX X2 is a well thought out system. X erox Engineering Systems XES recently raised the performance bar on wide-format colour printing in the graphic arts industry in South Africa, with the introduction of the new inch ColorgrafX X2, a six-colour inkjet for high-end corporate use.


Welcome visitor you can login or create an account. Piezoelectric inkjet technology and instantly drying oil-based inks eliminate time-consuming delays before laminating. The Orion would be probably the most uninspiring printer at the show, but I did not see it anywhere.

It’s the Xaar heads that bring the speed but simultaneously the fuzzy-wuzzy sort of out-of-focus appearance. ColorgrafX X2 users have an alternative to using presentation grade papers for general everyday printing, such as short-term posters, interim layouts, and simple color plots. The same printers were then resold as the Kodak i. In translation that means that the new model is better in all respects than the older discontinued XES Xpress Out Of Stock Condition: Cooorgrafx XES was disbanded and Xerox withdrew from attempting to make its own wide-format inkjet printers.

Xerox XES Colorgrafx X2 for CAD and GIS.

Maybe if better original images were available the quality of output could be enhanced. Plotterprinterinkjettechnical printerbannerA0engineering printerwide format printer54″. Perhaps it’s much less in the USA.

Both the inch and inch ColorgrafX X2 printers have two on-line media rolls that give the customer a choice of printing on two different media types or sizes from their desktop. Premium PSV can coolorgrafx be used inside on glass, walls, or other display surfaces. As of Octoberwith XES no longer existing, Xerox itself returned to the world of wide-format printers, and for several years resold Encad as its own. The best-improvement award is shared with Graphtec, which also got rid of its earlier low-end, low-quality dpi Encad-Lexmark printheads and now has a dpi printer with Hewlett-Packard printheads which is vastly improved in every way, shape, and form.


Its unique adhesive 2x removal from installation surfaces easy, without the use of heat, tools, or chemicals. Visit our press office.

Dual online media roll supply enables multiple coorgrafx types to be loaded simultaneously. Three digital front-end options, as well as one controller option, offer spool management capabilities and support for a broad range of print formats.

But for spare parts they have to buy used printers; this was cheaper than buying spare parts from Xerox itself.

This new inch version is suited for high-end corporate use, while the inch is primarily for the print-for-pay and service bureau markets.

Premium display paper is durable for up to ten years indoors and three years outdoors. Current owners of the inch ColorgrafX X2 may download the new High Speed firmware at no cost from http: Besides, Gerber no longer sells it colorgrsfx Oce has improved that also; now the Oce Arizona 30s.