Is it possible something defaults to use the analog spdif instead of the optical? Sign up using Email and Password. Nothing seems to help. Unfortunately, I have Creative Cambridge self amplified and powered speakers. Aditya 9, 12 55 Home Help Search Login Register. I shouldn’t have to live with it, I paid to much for this board to have dodgy sound!

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What are your CPU temperatures during idle and load?

On one set of speakers, my friend can blast his music so loud it’ll blow you through a wall but on the other set, you need a stethoscope to hear the music — it’s only slightly louder k8h the drop of a pin. So i’m not sure you are barking up the right tree here regarding whos choice it was Sorrybut i just souns the obviousnot that i disagree that it could have a better soundchip.

Home Help Search Login Register. Sign up using Facebook. My sound still isnt working but an ever bigger problem occured! Please help, i just got this new computer after being 3 weeks computerless. At some points in my travels I have managed to get white noise out in the front speakers. I have installed the exact same drivers on this new motherboard after installing the MSI drives from the shipped disks, and all I get is this MSI style control panel?


So I installed counter strike, tried playing, 30 seconds into game my computer froze and now my computer keeps restarting when its trying to load windows xp. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is sond to these policies. Gigabyte – “I also listened to some techno with a lot of bass and with sounc the songs I listened to the bass had good kick to it and didn’t drown out the mids or highs.

I dont have sound out from my normal 3.

I too have the same problem I was starting to worry it was a video card issue? Here is my post from a HARDforum, which doesn’t seem to be able to dig up enough k8n users. The BOO to them.

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Please login or register. The more information you give us, the more things we can rule out, which will help us pinpoint your problem. Also, playing Battlefield vietnam sounds different, the audio sounds hollow and lacks sounv. Is it possible something defaults to use the analog spdif instead of the optical?

I have also once managed to get normal stereo sound out once. I went into ssound and tried to disable my primary slave, but when i did that my computer kept asking me to boot from cd even tho my primary boot device was hard disk.


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I just built a new computer with a k8n plat nforce 3 http: Can you run prim95 blend in-place FTT at priority 10 successfully? I really am starting to belive that they let this board ship with such a crappy audio chip? By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. New Nforce audio drivers? Even my laptops onboard audio controller is better then the sound I get from the Realteak on my Neo2.

Sorry about the images, I cant copy-paste the text properly formatted for some reason.

Is this a skinned version of Nforce CP or is this and entirely different program? I was able to hear every little detail from the DVD and enjoyed it even more than on a regular set of speakers. I have also fiddled around a lot in Unity, pavucontrol, the standard audio settings etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated i spent all my money making this new computer and i cant afford to buy a new sound card please help edit: What does the error you get say?

Proof that other manufacturers got it right with ALC The following error or errors occurred while m8n message: