Hi there, I just picked up a used M-Audio Keystudio Press record to record the MIDI data to the track. M-Audio Keystudio 49i issues Fri Sep 28, 1: And you will not hear internal piano sound. If it’s the former then simply lower the volume of the 49i on the Mixer

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Plug a cord into that keyystudio then into the mixer M-Audio Keystudio 49i issues Fri Sep 28, 3: I’m currently teaching a class and the midi keyboards are triggering both piano and drum sounds at the same time on one track in Garageband.

Now you can insert a VSTi into your track.

Official Representatives Nick D Employee. If you do continue to have trouble, this may be hardware related. Overview Topics Products People Change log. Sun Oct 23, Mon Nov 16, 5: Make sure to reference or link to this thread to help out the support team.

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The mood in here. I do not own or use a 49i myself. There is a master volume fader, and additionally a mic gain, instrument gain and direct monitor knob.

The KeyStudio turns on when plugged in but I suppose the device could be defective. On the m-akdio of the iMac.

How does this make you feel? I have the KeyStudio too. THen choose keystuudio VSTi you want to use. That first article does not seem to apply to me since I have not been able to have my KeyStudio show up on my computer like in the example, updates aside.

It would be great if there were a way to neutralise the built in piano on the m-audios As mentioned, the Keystudio is class compliant so it uses drivers that are already on the computer to which you’ve connected it. M-Audio Keystudio 49i issues Fri Sep 28, 1: M-Audio Keystydio 49i issues Fri Sep 28, 4: The 49i does have a piano sound built into it.


No need for that here. The piano even has reverb for enhanced realism.

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The problem is, the kids use both microphone ports to listen to what they are playing and encounter the same problem. For what’s it’s worth I will update my thread. Select your country to find the nearest office. For me, this action created the track with m-audi VSTi on it, armed the track, and turned on the monitoring.

Send a private message to pjk. Would you suggest using an external soundcard to send sound from mac to computer? Click Ok to close the Preferences window.