Benz, Derek, and J. Significantly more backseat passengers are wearing seat belts since doing so became mandatory under the revised road traffic law in June this year, according to a nationwide survey released Thursday. To be given a lower priority. CoulVue is custom-made for the Apple iPad, and it transforms the popular tablets into entertainment centers for backseat viewing. If you take a back seat , you allow other people to have all the power, importance, or responsibility.

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By extension, someone who tries to establish and maintain control over every situation. The figurative and derogatory meaning of ‘back-seat driver’ is unambiguous in this from The Bismarck Tribune a few years later – December Man’s body found in car on Munsif-Jbeil highway. If one thing takes a back seat to another, people give the first thing less attention because it is less important or interesting than the other thing. Jan is a bit of a backseat driver and an obsessive motor-mouth.

John quickly became annoyed at Mary’s tendency to become a backseat driver whenever he drove her somewhere, so he just began to let her drive. The bitter memories of Thatcher and a giant ego; City Correspondent Dan Roberts looks at the re-emergence of a European defence dream which once threatened to tear the Conservative party apart. Primarily heard in US.


take a back seat

Here he gets a tryout as a back-seat driver on a hook and ladder truck at St. These had both front and rear-wheel steering to enable the long vehicles to turn in city streets. But GEC could never justify a Thomson merger to its shareholders when the French government insists on being a backseat driver.

It emerged in the USA in early 20th century, as motoring was becoming widespread.

Backseat – Idioms by The Free Dictionary

A Bahraini mother gave birth to a baby boy in the backseat of a car, after a road accident as she was being rushed to hospital. Davies is fed up with being a backseat driver on Great Britain’s bobsleigh squad and will next year go head to head with Nicola Minichiello in a bid to establish herself as number one.

The expression must have been in common use, in the UK at least, bywhen P.

Throughout the 20th century U. Primarily heard in US. To willingly take a less prominent role in some situation. Backseat driver – Idioms by The Free Dictionary https: I was happy to take a back seat and give someone else the opportunity to manage the project.

The meaning and origin of the expression: Back-seat driver

Police name passenger killed in village crash. B Leave a Comment. See other phrases that were coined in the USA.


Take a back seat – Idioms by The Free Dictionary https: Stop pestering me with all your advice. Latest Idioms apples to oranges seventh heaven heavy heart lighten up crack up. Idiom of the Day walk out on walk out backsest Meaning end a relationship with someone suddenly leave someone with whom you have a romantic relationship to abandon someone leave your spouse and end the Home Search Phrase Dictionary Back-seat driver.

Only unwanted advises and complaints with zero meaningful contribution from him.

Stop pestering me with all your advice. Leave a Comment Cancel reply. I don’t need any backseat driver on this project. For example, Aunt Mary drives us all crazy with her instructions; she’s an incurable backseat driver. Wodehouse used it, without any explanation of its meaning, in Very Good, Jeeves! I took a back idikm during the presentation because I knew you could handle it.