They always look a little sheepishly at their set and you just know they’re thinking about how many hundreds of dollars more they paid for theirs than I paid for mine. If you’re looking for a new set of clubs and want value for money get them here. Good results compared to my old irons. After trying these irons on driving range I can safely say that I made the right choice of buying from GigaGolf. This is my first set of clubs.

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Swingweights listed are for the recommended configuration. If you pay just a few dollars more it’ really not that much moreyou can get a great set of custom fit clubs from Gigagolf that will actually help you play your best golf and make the game so much more fun. Irons are primarily hit for accuracy, and the shot dispersion is a good indication of how accurate they are with real golfers.

Gigagolf P2 Fairway Fairway Wood – Reviews, Ratings, Pictures, Details.

Thanks for the advice. How about those complete golf sets sold at Target?

Good trajectory and buttery smooth feel! With the performance I get out of the irons I can live with that all day long. Changing length, shaft, or grip options may change swingweights.

I haven’t tried any high end clubs before except for a Giggaolf. In the days of high interest rates keeping a lot of float makes sense, but today it could be the mark of a company with cash flow problems.


I live in the East Kootenays in British Columbia, so I phoned around and the driving range in the next town was open. Length and lie adjustments are an important part of the fitting process. When Ggigagolf first got the clubs, my handicap dropped by four strokes down to 14 within gigaglof and I was hitting the ball like a demon. I like the standard grip but I don’t love it. Great Job Giga another satisfied customer! Fitting vans for the major manufacturers follow the professional golf tours around the country and are available at each stop to make any equipment adjustments necessary.

At Golferocity, we love golf and all of us have played golf with the big-name clubs. These are very gigwgolf to Ping Raptures The Dynamic Gold shafts are also well gifagolf the extra cost as mishits are much more a fade or draw, than a hook or slice.

Already have an account? At the risk of being impetuous, I’m going to play at least one or two more rounds in the first 30 days to see how this changes. We found a good deal for a new set and figured we’d jump on it.

These game improvement irons have giaggolf deep cavity in the back with toe weighting for extra forgiveness, distance and control. My iron shots are dead at the target now and I’ve holed out some long and short shots due to the feel and accuracy of these irons.


I absolutely love these clubs. The downside is the slightly cheesy design aspects and the fact that they lag behind a bit technology wise. I tend to get some pain in my wrist if I chunk a full shot from the rough and I think a more pliable grip would help alleviate some of that. The weight of the clubs makes swinging them a breeze and the ball jumps off the face like a rocket.

I’m a fan of Gigagolf, but I think it depends in part on your sizing p fit.

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Gigagolf is the company you keep doing business with because they are in business to help and serve their customers. My GIR has improved from per round to per round; what’s even gigagolv is the ball lands close to the hole. The custom fitting system really improved my game. These are quality clubs, and they perform!

GigaGolf P2 Fairway Woods

So if you prefer hybrids instead of the 3 and 4 irons, no problem. Thank you GigaGolf for your great clubs at your amazing prices! Most golfers, after reluctantly giving Gigagolf a try, are so impressed ;2 become life-long customers.