One of the meanings of exclusive is to grant a privilege to a selected group or single person. After you have opened the action selection menu you just select the action of your choice. I often standby this system when I’m not at home, so no windows restart for some time Everything must be done by you excluding the examples put in the program by default. There are many solutions today for giving you control of both your PC and the remaining elements of your living room.

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Scroll it up to the top and select Standard system devices. I understand that this is a brief explanation but it should enable you to be able to perform most basic keyboard shortcuts with the program of your choice.

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There are many schools of thought as to how this should occur. EventGhost is mostly drag and drop or copy and paste.

If these are your media programs of choice then all you need to do is replace the events put there by default with the ones from your IR remote. I have long since searched for the ultimate of HTPC building: Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. Simply click the add plugin button to gain access to the plugin listing screen.


The latter sventghost will be recreated automatically.

Controlling your living room with EventGhost

The IR emitters I will test have a reach of 10 feet. After you have pressed the Ok button, you will see your newly added macro with the action in your configuration. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help.

You must log in or sign up to reply here. The event you want to activate your folder wventghost is a matter of choice. It should be able to redirect any keypresses from the server and onto the client. The server eventghost should acknowledge this The client should now awake.


The Enable Item Exclusively action enables the specified macro or folder and disables all other macros and folders at the same folder level. Enter the MAC adresse of the destination network card. There are many schools of thought as to how this should occur.

If you right click on the entry, you won’t find any option to uninstall it. Put your client into either standby or hibernation.

You then proceed to open up the EventGhost folder. EventGhost also includes an excellent mouse emulator that you eventghoat tweak to your satisfaction.


Try and hit any button on the remote, it should appear in the log window to your left. The main downfall of this software is that the users do not openly share the eventghkst files that they have created. It is available if you right click and select add action.

On a side note, I highly suggest donating or contributing to this project to ensure its future success. Privacy policy About EventGhost Disclaimers. Make a macro by right clicking on the configuration panel the group of stuff on the right and select Add Macro. My OS is win7 x You may eventghowt sitting there with a wireless keyboard and mouse controlling it or you may be plopped down in front of your PC pressing return to select a different video to be displayed.

The choices are all up to you. It is inexpensive and thanks to EventGhost, easy to set up. I found the code rventghost not learned correctly otherwise.

Now you should install the proper driver before you reconnect your receiver.