I am using Yosemite. Can you recommend alternate software to i1Profiler? Colorport has a lot of options for saving data. Log in or register to access your WhatTheyThink Account. This article was brought to you by ColoRite Equipment.

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ColorPort Utility Software Product Support

It works well with Colorport and has never asked for a widnows strip. Further printer drivers from categories I to III can be obtained optionally.

Good to here, any advice on ensuring it is working correctly? Then just use i1Profiler to build the ICCs.

Ok got this connected on dfp70 workstation, printed the Piezographystep-DTP This makes a professional network available to us for the development of innovative and mature products. Colorport looks good for creating and reading targets. Colorport has a lot of options for saving data. So for instance, all proof-relevant information as well as print and measurement time are listed.

Ok thanks for info.

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I would suggest scrambling patches and using a 9. To receive notification of comments made to this article, you can also provide your email address below.


Colorport will request a calibration done before doing a reading. One other thing that you need to know about the DTP 70 is that the lever that switches the UV filter in and out is very fragile.

If so, what software do you recommend? Its feature-rich capabilities ensure accurate ICC profiles for all components of your digital workflow. Our products therefore fulfill all the ergonomic, stability and quality demands of the market. Our precision colourimeter is designed to simulate the human eye.

Are you using PK? I have a DTP 70 that I acquired recently.

ColorPort Utility Software v

The DTP70, which was first released at drupa last year, is an amazing device — simple, fast and accurate. ColorPort works with the most recent OS X. It brings highly accurate colour calibration and control within the reach of everyone.

I would only want I1profile for printer profile, but have not worked out how to a license, though suspect it will be more expensive then dropRgb.

Comprehensive and extensive proof protocols and analyses are output by the software. This article was brought to you by ColoRite Equipment.

Have not yet received it yet, should be here in couple of days, will check and see if it has a calibration strip. Although i1Publish is expensive, so are good quality profiles. Comment on this article Click here to cancel reply. Any advice on getting this dt;70 and running?


Grateful if you could recommend one. The ink is special edition matt in epson w Matte black code is pzk7-nu PHOTOGATE4 renowned for its excellent color resultsbehaviour, is essential for prints of demanding photo material, as well as fine art productions on large format inkjet printers.

Subscribe for your print copy. In addition, the enhanced version offers the possibility to define and save not only ISO-References but also references from ones own ICC-profiles. Hardware-assisted brightness and contrast adjustment ensures the widest tonal range and largest color gamut possible for your display.