The Dingoo can run emulators: The box boasts DVD quality playback, which is dependent on the T. I was able to pick up the same local stations while driving, in a basement, and in an attic. With the occasional issues aside, users can easily carry more than 1, working ROMs with them, from a variety of systems, at any one time. The original over-clocking application was designed just for the CPU. Welcome Welcome to a You are currently viewing our boards as a guest, which gives you limited access to view most discussions and access our other features. Some of the ROM sets are so large that full compatibility lists have not been written.

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Testing with these files would be the first step towards debugging.

Windows 7 and a | – The Dingoo Community

I’m using Debian 5. The default lite pack contains only the applications, emulators, and games, and does not contain the video and audio files.

For users who wish to replace their battery: Game play is fluid and did not feel at all sluggish. I honestly do not trust this charger, and only used it a handful of times while collecting data for this review. The firmware prevented the Y and B dingol from being pressed at the same time.

Dingoo A320 Review

Thanks in part to a passionate homebrew scene this little device has flourished during recent months into a pocket favorite. Winndows FM radio is able to pick up signals in a variety of settings.


The default file structure list was compiled based on the Dingoo Digital “Paw” printed A Highlighting any one file and pressing A will start the playback process, and the direction pad doubles as a navigation tool in this menu. The bios files are copyrighted and users may need to locate these files on their own. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

I found only a few games which did not load, in most cases these ROMs used an obscure or severely hacked mapper. It is very difficult to discuss emulator compatibility when so many emulators are available for testing.

Keeping to the GBATemp review standards, this unit is a little better than windwos middle range silver award but not so exceptional that it merits a Golden Award. It has been reported by users that Linux fails to see the internal memory and expansion slots as USB drives and attempts to access the hardware directly. Please don’t give me solutions like “use a linux boot dvd” or “install something else”.

Search this thread only Search this forum only Display results as threads. Firmware revisions have offered windiws translations and the occasional bug fix, while compatibility updates to the official emulators have been ignored.

It wasn’t working on any USB mass storage device for me. Most of the features are based on ID3 tags, so if your audio files do not support those tags the search features may not function as expected.


There are reported issues with 64 bit Operating Systems and the un-bricking tool drivers, the drivers appear to be 32 bit and unsigned. The adapter is of Chinese make with Chinese characters on the label and two equally sized universal plugs. I have charged using both methods and found that the adapter results in a faster recharge. Can you have a look if your Dingoo is charging on Linux?

The speakers are good enough for gaming at mid-to-low volume.

Dingoo – Wikipedia

Users winxows understand that some files will require re-encoding to perform as expected. Pressing A selects a character and X removes a character. Partial list of working N.

Pressing X displays information about the file such as playback position, volume setting, and zoom mode. Users have reported issues with the Dingux install package drivers and 64 bit operating systems.

When a fully functional Dingoo A arrives you will find no serious internal issues which would cause you to allow the system to collect dust. SIM emulators take advantage of in-game menus and ROM file associations, making them feel just like the official emulators. Images look good with little to no pixilation and appear to be a windowss The left side of the unit has an emergency reset button and a microphone.