The Compaq Presario much like the PB S is also a Pentium 1 based PC and coming from the same era it also is an interesting experiment in internal case design. Everything just worked for the most part. Successor to IDE it is fast and the cables are nice and small. Do a Google search and it should be findable. There are a big problem somewhere. Unfortunately what I can find on the subject is a little unclear.

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Also try swapping between the two styles of IDE cables if you have them. This also obviously not an option if your working with most era motherboards and earlier since they lack PCI slots. Skip to main content. I should also note the top comes off as a separate piece to give access to the upper drives as well as the PSU.

It can be a game of moving around what programs load first and finding the smallest drivers to run your mouse and drives. About this product Product Identifiers Brand. They all use the same type of 4 pin molex power connector.

I still prefer a more traditional retro PC using a bit more period correct parts.

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This is the aspect of DOS that tends to get new users. Trending Price New. Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. My problem is find a suitable driver for DOS I am searching in the link that was kindly posted brostenen, next will try to find a tutorial.


At the moment, my W98 cant see the card. It was cg4520 playable but not a great experience. Make sure that the two drivers are installed properly if you wish to use the above software.

My testing with programs like Topbench has shown when the internal cache is disabled in BIOS on the 1. Random mutterings on retro computing, old technology, some new, plus radio controlled scale modelling. SYS file to something dod reasonable. Some games like Elder Scrolls: Here is an example of some benchmarks I performed using this motherboard and a separate PIII board though note different motherboards may give varying results.

Of course this is a very small sampling of DOS games from a library of thousands so there is bound to be compatibility issues especially in older titles but overall I was impressed by the initial trials. Not that SCSI is generally hard to get up and running but depending on the machine, controller card and drive you may have to spend a little more time setting it up.

So now that we have our OS and disks ready we need to choose and setup our hard drive.

Those cakes make you sick I tell The problem is that a standard screwdriver is to tall and will not fit to screw in the screws that secure the cards to the case so you have to use a smaller screwdriver like I have in the picture laying next to a regular sized screwdriver. You will need this driver for your DOS and Windows applications.


There really are many ways you can go. If you are running applications in Windows or playing computer games that use their own sound driver, you do not need to install these two drivers.

Creative AWE64 ISA (CT4520) Sound Card

Can some one point me a good link to download the ISO? This screen breaks down whats eating up that conventional memory as well as what we have moved into upper memory using a memory manager. Thanks for doa kind help, Jorge.

Listen closely and you can hear it at 0: Creative Internal Sound Cards. The sites also have the other cards drivers likewise availible I’ve done a few of them CT – SB 1.

The MS-DOS floppies will reformat the hard drive for you and will give you that option booting to them but a 3rd party partitioner may offer more options. See details for additional description.