Click for full size http: I’m using the pcsx-df fork, padJoy 0. Has anyone else experienced any problems with them? Aladdin la vendetta di Nasira — sces maybe protect. Go to the directory you installed epsxe too and double click the icon titled ‘ePSXe. Actua Golf 3 — sles protect.

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A What are the ‘binary configuration programs’?

I was sure I had the plugin configured properly. You may get the latest version from here. I managed to get this emulator working under amd64 using the 1.

Pete’s PSX CDR plugins

But any help you can give I would appreciate. Thanks for your time. My workaround is to edit those things by hand, but is there a more elegant solution? And since gnome-panel is forcing the absolutely sized PCSX window down several pixels, the bottom of the game screen is cut off once again. I tryed another game-nothing happened! I can’t play without BIOS. Whats the command for the terminal, for PCSX?

Configure ePSXe on Windows 10

Tombi — sces it multilanguage maybe protect. It simply indicates that your display card don’t have WGL support. Hi, I did all what was said in default configuration on the 1st page of this topic. OSS Audio Driver 1. What could cause this problem?


I’ve never gotten that error on my laptop Ive also configire some oher stuff, cant remember cuz my head hurts from this, and probably I have missed something out which I doubt: If you have 7-Zip,launch the program Thank You so much.

Medal of honor — SLES maybe protect.

It opens its preferences window and it will accept my controller input to configure it, but when a game is launched, I get no response from the controller. Now if all is well you can attempt to play a game.

ePSXe tutorial

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Must be related to the first problem I mentioned.

Sorry about that, I have dial up and it takes me like 7 mins to just look configuree one page sooo I came across my answere a little to late configurs. The important thing is I managed to do what I wanted to do thanks to your help, playing the game. This is football 2 — sles it maybe protect. NVM i just needed to toggle some settings under sound. It is considered in most countries to be illegal to be in possession of such a file so we cannot post links to it here.


General ePSXe Setup and Configuration [Archive] – The Emulator Zone Forum

You will need a copy of PCSX which you can get here http: Skip this concigure if you’re just using my package. S GPU Good luck!

I only understand you’ve a problem about the “shader extension”. Z — sces it maybe protect. Mount it with Daemon-Tools and try again.