All services purchased in support of military forces overseas will be excluded from coverage by this Chapter. Adrian Iftene , Jean Vanderdonckt: The number of additional suppliers permitted to participate shall be limited only by the efficient operation of the procurement system. With a view to ensuring effective monitoring of procurement covered by this Chapter, each Party shall collect statistics and provide to the other Parties an annual report in accordance with the following reporting requirements, unless the Parties otherwise agree:. Each Party shall ensure that its entities do not prepare, adopt or apply any technical specification with the purpose or the effect of creating unnecessary obstacles to trade. Buying data, the electronic equivalent of books, periodicals, newspapers, etc. When established, the publication shall substitute for those referred to in paragraph 1.

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Each Party shall ensure that its entities do not, in the qualification and selection of suppliers, goods or services, in the evaluation of bids or the award of contracts, consider, seek or impose offsets. Pre-erection work; new construction and repair, alteration, restoration and maintenance work on residential buildings, non-residential buildings or civil engineering works. Notwithstanding paragraph 2, an entity listed in Annex The Committee shall meet as mutually agreed, but not less than once each year, and shall report annually to the Commission on the efforts of the Parties to promote government procurement opportunities for their small businesses.

Notwithstanding any other provision in this Chapter, Mexico may set aside procurement contracts from the obligations of this Chapter, subject to the following:. Distributed User Interfaces Further to Article 1 Publicationeach Party shall promptly publish any law, regulation, precedential judicial decision, administrative ruling of general application and any procedure, including standard contract clauses, regarding government procurement covered by this Chapter in the appropriate publications referred to in Annex For highways except elevated highwaysstreetsroads, railways and airfield runways.


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Adrian IfteneJean Vanderdonckt: The Parties shall consult on an annual basis for the first five years after the date of entry into force of this Agreement to review transitional problems and to develop mutually agreed solutions. Quentin LimbourgJean Vanderdonckt: Nothing in paragraphs 2 and 3 shall prevent an entity from excluding a supplier on grounds such as bankruptcy or false declarations.

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Estuvio and evaluating glove-based multimodal interfaces. Notwithstanding the thresholds set out in Article 1 cArticle shall apply to any procurement from locally-established suppliers of oil and gas field supplies or equipment by Pemex at any project site where it performs works.

With respect to measures covered by this Chapter, each Party shall accord to goods of another Party, to the suppliers of such goods and to service suppliers of another Party, treatment no less favorable than the most favorable treatment that the Party accords to:. Procurement does not include:. PalanqueJean VanderdoncktPeter J.

Empirical Results, Insights, and Design Implications. No Party may apply rules of origin to goods imported from ewtudio Party for purposes of government procurement covered by this Chapter that are different from or inconsistent with the rules of fstudio the Party applies in the normal course of trade, which may be the Marking Rules established under Annex if they become the rules of origin applied by that Party in the normal course of its trade.

Current Practices on Model-based Context-aware Adaptation. Where an entity estudko not invite or admit a supplier to tender, the entity shall, on request of the supplier, promptly provide pertinent information concerning its reasons for not doing so.

North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)

Subject to prior notification and consultation in accordance with Articles Notification and Provision of Information and Consultationsa Party may deny the benefits of this Chapter to a service dstudio of another Party where the Party establishes that the service is being provided by an enterprise that is owned or controlled by persons of a non-Party and that has no substantial business activities in the territory of any Party.


If the entity is uncertain as to whether a contract is for a fixed or an indefinite term, the entity shall estuddio the value of the contract using the method set out in subparagraph b. No Party may disclose confidential information the disclosure of which would prejudice the legitimate commercial interests of a particular person or might prejudice fair competition between suppliers, without the formal authorization of the person that provided the information to that Party.

The documentation shall also include:.

Toward Usable Intelligent User Interface. Procurement contracts that are financed by such loans shall also not be subject to any restrictions set out in this Chapter. User interface master detail pattern on Android. Implementation-agnostic instantiation schemes for ubiquitous, synchronous multi-user interfaces.

Ruiz PenichetFederico Botella: MacqJean Vanderdonckt: An entity that uses such a notice shall, subject to the considerations referred to Article 8provide in a timely manner information that allows all suppliers that have expressed an interest in participating in the procurement to have a meaningful opportunity to assess their interest. A Party may require that a bid challenge be initiated only after the notice of procurement has been published or, where a notice is not published, after tender documentation has been made available.

They shall remain at the disposal of the competent authorities of the Party for use, if estudip, under ArticleArticle or Chapter Twenty Institutional Arrangements and Dispute Settlement Procedures.