Now there is a green light in the Network panel, but still internet is not working Oct 25, 4: You can download a correct OSX If yes, you should contact the manufacturer of your USB dongle to get a proper driver directly. But the hardware inside is actually quite similar. Whether driver is left enabled is up to each device maker.

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AX Linux driver 4.

I have a strange experience with a brandless USB 2. Since my upgrading to Mavericks, it doesn’t seem to work anymore Please let us know what error code is reported if you run into issues. Without installing the Oct 25, 4: Nov 4, 1: Apple Watch Speciality level out of ten: I just don’t know, but I don’t need the adapter anymore, ’cause ethernet port does actualy work again It should work fine. A shame Apple couldn’t keep backward compatilibty on Maverick.


The internal differences start right away with a whole-board metal shield on the Apple dongle and none on the off-brand. Any driver updating is possible????????? Nov 1, 4: The Asix driver still worked.

Frankie Yuen Frankie Yuen. Drivers are pre-installed on Wii and Wii U, so the only setup needed is to configure the console to use a wired instead of wireless connection as described here by Nintendo.

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Comparing USB to Ethernet converters: Apple vs. Knock-off

User profile for user: You are commenting using your WordPress. Dec 12, 4: I thank you for your precious help! It seems Mavericks OS X There is also a difference with the clock; Apple is using two crystals with the other using just one. Download Windows 10, 8.

Comparing USB to Ethernet converters: Apple vs. Knock-off | Hackaday

One was an Apple branded device, the other a no-name from eBay. Just plug in your adapter, wait a moment while the driver is set up, then access the network.


Ma has seen anything like that? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. If you refer to the document http: For manual installation, just download, save, and run the file below:.

Nov 1, 6: The cheap one is the one on top. Posted on Oct 24, 3: It boggles the mind that a totally functional Apple product bought in is unsupported inwhile drivers would still exist.

I think the take away message here seems to be, though you get what you pay for, when you pay for the Apple version you are paying towards profit for a corporation that has dedicated itself to fight openness and to promote lock-in and DRM.