Just tell me your budget and I will give you the components list. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. The manufacturer also promises a very modern video unit with H. The performance of the AP should be even higher with faster memory, and — similar to the predecessor — it is possible to use the processor graphics in combination with a dedicated GPU in a dual-graphics configuration. The clock is reduced to 2. If this is not a read error, the following GPU benchmarks could be affected by around 5 up to 10 percent.

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If there is a difference its hardly worth noting. The manufacturer also promises a very modern video unit with H.

Last Light PCMark 8 Home 3. Is Amazon actually giving you the best price? Lower than this is not worth it.

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AMD A10-8700P

I have 2 laptops I use at work. Note that this also means that two notebooks with the same APU can deliver completely different performance results. HD iU; Dual-Channel. We already mentioned that the TDP of the new Carrizo models can vary between 12 and 35 watts — it is unfortunately not known which setting HP chose for the Pavilion See this comparison of these two GPU.


Pass 1 sort by value. Thank you for your feedback!

Carrizo in Review: How does AMD’s AP Perform? – Reviews

Arkham Knight 9 8 fps. Specifications Full list of technical specs.

A minimum idle consumption of just 4. Other measures like Voltage Adaptive Operation and AVFS Adaptive Voltage and Frequency Scaling are supposed to adjust the supply voltage as precisely as possible f6 each situation and therefore improve the efficiency.

Intel Core i5 U Report a correction. The power consumption of the Carrizo system is noticeably increased during H. Pass 2 sort by value. It is unfortunately hardly possible to evaluate the efficiency of a platform based on the power consumption of just one system — the influences by other components as well as the energy settings from the manufacturer are too big.

After a short overview about the architecture, model lineup and review unit, we want to have amx closer look raddon the processor and graphics performance as well as the multimedia abilities of the chip.

The matte Full HD panel and the additional dedicated graphics card are pretty rare in this price range as well.


Carrizo in Review: How does AMD’s A10-8700P Perform?

Sala GPUs-only sort by value. Many processors, especially the ULV models, can increase their TDP for a short while to compensate individual peak load and provide a smoother user experience. Ask New Question Sign In.

Irrelevant of the CPU brand; when overclocking a cooling pad will help maintain the air flow and help the extra heat generated to dissipate more effectively. The TDP usually limits ULV chips when you stress the processor and integrated graphics unit simultaneously, so there is a noticeable performance drop after a rwdeon while after around 30 seconds for current Intel processors. If you wish to game on low or medium settings then it is fine amr, better look elsewhere.

Is AMD A10 good for programmers? A10 6th Gen AP n. Andreas Osthoff – Senior Editor Business. Is amd a10 p good for gaming?